I created my first website in 1996. Since then, I realized how much I love the web and started building website after another hoping to make lots of money online! After creating tens of online projects, I noticed that without Digital Marketing one thing happens, NOTHING.

I started learning Search Engine Optimization to attract quality traffic from search engines, and that helped a lot, and since 2006 I shifted my career from building websites to making online projects WORK by acquiring the right customers. Partnering with tens of partners in the Middle East, and managing campaigns with budgets of millions of US$ enabled me to deliver a value that my partners appreciate.

I started conducting training in 2000 and Digital Marketing Training in 2013, and since then, I trained thousands of trainees in Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Qatar on topics such as, Digital Marketing Strategy, Search Engine Optimization, Search Ads, Google Ads, Digital Analytics and Social Media Ads.

Jawdat Shammas

What Services do I offer


Bringing 20+ years of experience in training, I offer Digital Marketing training in, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Digital Analytics, Digital Advertising, Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Email Marketing.


Whether you are looking for a consultant to help you create a solid Digital Marketing Plan, or if you need help with any Digital Marketing Service, I am here to help.


Are you running a startup and need some help with Digital Marketing? I offer Mentoring services to startups specially the ones located in the Middle East and focusing on the Arabic Language.